Preview: ‘The Face’ by Donald Crockett

The Face by composer Donald Crockett with libretto by David St. John makes its public debut on April 25, 2012 with excerpts performed by the cast for the full-length premiere run beginning August 25. The characters are portrayed by tenor Daniel Norman, baritone Thomas Meglioranza, mezzo-soprano Janna Baty, and soprano Jane Sheldon. The main character is a ficticious present-day poet living in Venice Beach struggling with the loss of his lover and the unraveling of his personal life while he participates in the filming of a documentary about his career. The opera combines musical theater, choreography, and an original silent film which is projected onto the stage as a key dramatic element in the story.

The Face is written for a cast of 4 (Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor and Baritone) with an ensemble of 8 musicians including: Flute (doubling Piccolo, Alto and Bass Flutes), F Horn, 1 Percussionist, Guitar (doubling Acoustic and Electric Slide Guitars), Piano, Violin, Cello, and Double Bass. The opera consists of 11 scenes over approximately 80 minutes. For more information, visit The Face Opera.