Adolphe’s Ladino Songs Milken Archive Review

From the Milken Archive Newsletter comes the announcement that Bruce Adolphe’s work for Soprano, Horn and Guitar, Ladino Songs of Love and Suffering was recently reissued on the album A Garden Eastward: Sephardi and Near Eastern Inspiration. Adolphe wrote about the songs, “The idea that this trio would be well suited to Ladino-inspired music seemed right. The guitar was clearly the perfect instrument for Judeo-Spanish timbres and rhythms, the voice would tell the stories of love and loss, and the horn would provide the mournful echoes and amplify the passionate outcries. So, with the help of Isabelle Ganz, who had performed and recorded much Ladino music, I selected verses from ancient poems that could have been written yesterday.” Ladino Songs is available from Keiser Classical.