Bruce Adolphe “off the hook” again

Off the Hook logoThis summer, Bruce Adolphe is once again co-artistic director of Off the Hook, a festival in Fort Collins, Colorado, with co-director Jephta Bernstein. Two of Adolphe’s works are on the schedule this June: Tough Turkey in the Big City and The Bridgehampton Concerto. Both works available through Keiser Classical. He is also giving talks and conducting improvisation workshops based on his book The Mind’s Ear as part of the Festival.

In July, the Cassatt String Quartet will perform Adolphe’s Mary Cassatt: Scenes from her Life in several towns in Maine as part of the Salt Bay Festival. That quartet will also be featured in the Mohawk Trail Concerts in July. The Bridgehampton Music Festival has released a CD celebrating their 30th anniversary, and the CD includes Adolphe’s Bridgehampton Concerto, which was commissioned by the Festival in 1991.

Other recent publications of Bruce Adolphe’s music include:

Bridgehampton Concerto (1991) 17′

Flute, Oboe, Harpsichord, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass

This fun and playable Baroque-inflected concerto grosso was originally commissioned by the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival. Scored for mixed octet of flute, oboe, harpsichord and string quintet. Total length approx. 17 minutes.

Mary Cassatt: Scenes from Her Life (2013)

Based on the life and paintings of the American Impressionist Mary Cassatt. Premiered by the Cassatt Quartet in 2013.

My Inner Brahms: An Intermezzo (2013) 5′

Piano Solo

A brief intermezzo dedicated to and premiered by pianist Orli Shaham.

Obedient Choir of Emotions (2012) 5′

SATB, Piano

Commissioned by the New York Virtuoso Singers, Harold Rosenbaum, the text comes from the work of neuroscientist Antonio Damasio. Recorded on Soundbrush Records.

The End of Tonight (instrumental score and parts) (2013)

2 Mezzo Soprano, Alto, 3 Cello, Piano

A three-movement trio for three female voices with chamber ensemble, “The End of Tonight” was commissioned by Lenore Fishman Davis. Song texts are from the poems “Listen, Tonight” and “Of the End” by Nathalie Handal. The scoring calls for two mezzo-sopranos and one alto with instrumental accompaniment by three cellos and piano. Includes a full score for the pianist and cello parts. Full score for vocalists available separately.


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