Igor Shcherbakov works preview

Shcherbakov photo 1Since 2012, we’ve been proud to represent the works of Ukrainian composer Igor Shcherbakov. Recent and upcoming publications include:

Concerto for Flute, Percussion and Strings (new ed. 2014) 22′

A haunting work written in memory of fellow composer Oleg Kyva.

L’abbraccio del Crocifisso (2011) 13′ Harp solo

Thirteen-minute work for solo harp was inspired by a painting by Rossana Pressato. The title translates literally to “The Embrace of the Crucified”.

Piano Gesang (2006) 10′ solo Piano

Premiered in Switzerland by pianist Yozhef Ormeny in 2008. This ten-minute work displays vivid tone  painting and a whimsical, quasi-improvisational style from one of Ukraine’s most prominent composers of contemporary music.

Tango Misterioso (2011) 8′

Conceived originally as a work for piano and string orchestra, this version of Tango Misterioso for piano trio captures the textural and rhythmic interplay in an effective chamber ensemble configuration.

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