New in the Heifetz Collection: Beethoven, Saint-Saëns and Wieniawski Editions

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The Beethoven Folio
Critical Urtext Edition by Endre Granat

Contains 3 of Heifetz’s cadenzas to the Beethoven Violin Concerto and two works for violin and piano: Turkish March and Chorus of the Dervishes.
S511024 – HL00145437

Saint-Saëns  Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28
Critical Urtext Edition by Endre Granat

The Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso for Violin and Orchestra was originally intended to be the rousing Finale to Saint-Saëns’ First Violin Concerto, op.20. Saint-Saëns’ favorite violinist Pablo de Sarasate gave the first performance in 1867 in Paris with the Composer conducting. In 1869 Saint-Saëns entrusted his younger colleague Georges Bizet to create a reduction of the orchestra score for Violin and Piano. The composer’s autograph score and the first edition of the work were the primary source material for this publication.
S511021 – HL00141931

Saint Saens Havanaise for Violin and Piano
Critical Urtext Edition by Endre Granat

The Havanaise (Habanera in French) by Camille Saint-Saëns op.83 dates from 1885-87. The composer dedicated this work to Rafael Diaz Albertini, a violinist of Cuban origin. In 1888 Saint-Saëns completed the orchestration of the Havanaise . This Critical Urtext Edition is based on the composer’s manuscript, the first print of the violin and piano version, and to a large part, on the historic recording by the composer himself with the violinist Gabriel Willaume (1919).
S511022 – HL00141932

Wieniawski Polonaise Brillante No. 1 (Polonaise de Concert), Op. 4
Critical Urtext Edition by Endre Granat

In 1848, the thirteen year old Henryk Wieniawski wrote the first sketches to his Polonaise in D major. The composition was published in Germany in 1853 as Polonaise de Concert in D major op. 4 for violin with piano or orchestra accompaniment. When the work was re-published in Paris (1858), the tit1e changed to “Polonaise Brilliante”. Tremendously popular already during the composer’s life time, this work has been on the repertory of virtually every virtuoso violinist ever since. This new Critical Urtext Edition corrects obvious misprints while keeping the format of the 1853 first edition, printing the textural changes on the Paris version as foot notes.
S511020 – HL00141930

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