Yevhen Stankovych – recent releases

X077583 Stankovych Rasputin scRasputin: Suite from the Ballet

Prior to 1991 Ukranian master composer Yevhen Stankovych’s works were regularly censored or banned by Soviet authorities.  The ballet “The Agony:  Rasputin” (originally titled “Prometheus”) was one such work. This suite from the ballet highlights Stankovych’s uniquenely pronounced affinity with the vernacular, blending folk motifs with orchestral colors in multilayered polyphony. “Rasputin” was first performed with its original music and libretto in 1989 in Skopje, Macedonia. Score HL00141935   Parts on rental.

Dictum 2: Chamber Symphony No. 10

Yevhen Stankovych is pioneer in the rebirth of the neo-romantic style in the second half of the 20th century At the beginning of the 1980’s he developed his own musical system, which he calls “polyphony of layers”:  Dictum for piano and strings is among the works written in this manner, composed shortly following the Chornobyl disaster is regarded as the only composition which adequately expresses the tragedy. Score HL00141937   Parts on rental.

Violin Concerto No. 2

Violin Cadenzas by Dima Tkachenko. Score HL00141934   Parts on rental.

Symphony No. 6

Stankovych’s sixth symphony casts a dramatic arc across its unconventional, continuous two-movement structure. Competing themes emerge in the brooding first movement, the tension between them eventually leading to a powerful emotional climax midway into the piece. The second movement, now stealing in on sustained violins, assumes a more meloncholy character as the themes introduced previously become intertwined, and ultimately dissolve into a murmuring, hopeful conclusion. Score HL00141936   Parts on rental.

Mirages for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion and Piano Trio

The full tonal palette of a six player ensemble containing winds, strings, percussion and piano is masterfully deployed by Stankovych, evoking shimmering images that are at times subtle and surprising at others. Duration ca. 11′. Score HL00141933   Complete set HL00141938

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