LKMP New Heifetz Collection Releases Fall 2015

Bazzini Dance of the Goblins Heifetz

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Bazzini La Ronde Des Lutins
(Dance of the Goblins)
Arranged by Jascha Heifetz
Critical Urtext Edition by Endre Granat

This great bravura piece uses many of the innovations the composer learned from his teacher, Niccolo Paganini–ricochet and flying staccato bowings, double harmonics, left hand pizzicato, and repetition of the same pitch on all four strings. This work remained one of Heifetz’ favorite encores. He recorded  it in 1917 and again in 1937. His bowings, fingerings and his suggestions regarding interpretation are integral features of this edition. Order from your favorite retailer or though Hal Leonard.

Paganini Witches Dance Heifetz

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Paganini Witches Dance Op. 8
Arranged by Jascha Heifetz
Critical Urtext Edition by Endre Granat

A mature work of Paganini, Witches Dance uses all the innovations he had introduced as a violin virtuoso performer. Like so many of his other works, it was not published during the composer’s lifetime. Jascha Heifetz’ bowings, fingerings and suggestions regarding interpretation are an integral part of this Critical Urtext edition by Endre Granat.

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Lauren Keiser Music received the Paul Revere Award’s 1st Prize for Collated Music for the Heifetz Collection Release, Passacaglia for Two Violins by G.F. Handel, arranged by Johan Halvorsen and edited by Jascha Heifetz.  This edition was co-edited by Endre Granat and Stephen Shipps, with music engraving by Nicholas Hopkins.

The Heifetz Collection Update

S512002 Cover art smTHE HEIFETZ COLLECTION is an exclusive series of Jascha Heifetz violin editions including wonderful and yet previously unpublished arrangements and transcriptions from Heifetz’s own manuscripts.


Handel Passacaglia for Two Violins – Read the review from! The edition is also featured in their Holiday gift guide for violinists, excerpt follows: “The Handel-Halvorsen ‘Passacaglia’ is a popular duet written for violin with either viola or cello. But did you know that you can play it with two violins? In fact, Jascha Heifetz wrote a version for two violins, and it was just re-discovered and published in this year.”

Wieniawski Polonaise Brillante No. 2

March 2015 releases and beyond:

  • Wieniawski Polonaise  No. 1
  • Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso and Havanaise (Saint-Saens)
  • Beethoven Folio
  • Tchaikovsky Collection
  • The Heifetz Scale Book


Announcing The Heifetz Collection

S511019 Cover art smWieniawski Polonaise Brillante No. 2 (Endre Granat, ed.)

Available from Hal Leonard HL00126550, $14.95

Henryk Wieniawski (1835-1880), celebrated virtuoso violinist and composer, completed his Polonaise No. 2 at the zenith of his career in 1869. The work is scored for solo violin accompanied by either piano or orchestra.

This virtuoso piece showcases the bowing that Wieniawski perfected. The playing of many fast, short and accented notes on one bow stroke is called the Wieniawski staccato. The slow midsection in F major contains some of Wieniawski’s most lyrical themes. Double stops, trills conclude this irresistible work.

The signed and dated (1869) manuscript found its home in the library of Jascha Heifetz. As a member of Mr. Heifetz’s studio I studied this work with the Master. The instructions and demonstrations of this performing genius are forever etched in my memory.

This Critical Urtext Edition is based on the composer’s manuscript and the first printed edition (Schott 1875).

Notes by Endre Granat


S512002 Cover art smHandel Passacaglia for Two Violins (Stephen Shipps/ Endre Granat, eds.)

Available from Hal Leonard HL00126549, $22.95

Outside of his native Norway, Johan Halvorsen (1864-1935) is known internationally only for his arrangement of Handel’s Harpsichord Suite. The Passacaglia is performed as a mainstay of Duo programs in his arrangements for both Violin/Viola and Violin/Cello. Jascha Heifetz established these duos in the standard literature by playing and recording countless performances with William Primrose and Gregor Piatigorsky.

As the Editors researched the Heifetz Collection, which is housed at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., we discovered the manuscript that becomes the basis of this new edition. Mr. Heifetz composed a new arrangement of the Passacaglia for Two Violins dated 1920 with his revision in 1966. We are pleased to have the opportunity of publishing this arrangement for the first time and we believe this brilliant arrangement will take its rightful place alongside the Viola and Cello versions as the new foundation of the Violin Duo repertoire.

Notes by Stephen Shipps